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Gurmat Studies Foundation

Bhāī Parminder Singh was an outstanding role model with an unbelievable dedication to his commitments and goals. His heart was always striving to work in the Will of the Gurū. He held and preached a universal love for all humanity and wanted the youth to be able to understand and appreciate the beauty of Srī Gurū Granth Sāhib Jī. This was a key motivation in his projects and he travelled internationally and spoke at many interfaith conferences, Sikh Youth camps and spiritual events.

He continuously expressed his belief in the Will of Ākāl Purakh and encouraged others to remain in Chardī Kalā by promoting love, acceptance, dedication and devotion to Vāhigurū Jī. Bhāī Sāhib wrote the Volume 1 on the life of Gurū Nānak Dev Jī in English, which garnered such a response that it sparked a motivation to start a resource center for the Sikh youth. With Gurū Jī’s grace, the Guru Nanak Academy, where Bhāī Parminder Singh fully dedicated himself and made a second family of loving students and fellow Gursikhs, was established in September of 2003. He offered lessons in all aspects of the Sikh lifestyle and was so well-versed that he taught many of the classes himself. Guru Nanak Academy falls under the non-profit organization, Gurmat Studies Foundation, founded by Bhāī Parminder Singh.

For years after Bhāī Sāhib left his body, former and new students have aspired to keep his dream alive through volunteer efforts at the Guru Nanak Academy and the Gurmat Studies Foundation. Observing a need for parchāriks (preachers) within the community, a focus was placed on training youth to become capable of educating and inspiring the world; a team was established (GNA Parchār). In addition, there have been special events specifically designed for families with young children (Gursākhī Velā) as well as engaging lectures for teenagers and adults (GNATalks). Over the years, Guru Nanak Academy has also provided classes in the following subjects: Gurmukhī, Santhiyā, Kīrtan, Tablā, Gatkā, Purātan Granths and Kathā.    

Providing resources included making unique books available that would encourage youth to strengthen their connection with Gurū Jī. In attempt to preserve this vision of publishing literature for the wider community, efforts are being made to create original work such as a series of volumes on the life story of Dhan Gurū Nānak Dev Jī. 

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Founder of Gurmat Studies Foundation, Bhai Parminder Singh

(1976 - 2004)

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